Vol.1, issue 6, 23rd March 2013

Avoid bhang at Holi, if you are a heart patient (Dr K K Aggarwal)

Heart patients should avoid taking bhang (cannabis) as it can increase the heart rate and also cause a sudden rise in blood pressure. But, those who are socially committed should first consult their doctor.

Bhang, marijuana, charas are all derived from the cannabis plant.

Bhang is prepared from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. For ages, it has been a social tradition especially during Holi. Bhang is a mild preparation. …More

Spiritual Blog

You Can Reverse Heart Disease

Every cell in the body eventually dies and replaced by new cell. Every day is a new opportunity to build a new body. The entire body totally rebuilds itself in less than two years with 98% in less than one year. …More

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What are the Vedic principles behind cognitive behavior therapy
More about Debts
Holasthak the Best Time To Remove Hatred
Food- and water–borne diseases in the summer
Holasthak the Best Time To Remove Hatred
Treat Holi as Holy
Shiksha and Sabhyata

Wellness Update

When Your Doctors Is At Fault While Prescribing Antibiotic

  1. Prescribe antibiotics when no bacterial infection exists.
  2. Prescribe the wrong antibiotic or the wrong dose.
  3. Prescribe antibiotics for longer than necessary.
  4. …More

Last week’s blogs

15 Ways To Reduce Or Stop Drinking
Apples during pregnancy and Asthma
Weight Gain after Quitting Smoking Does Not Increase the Risk of Heart Disease
Food–and water–borne diseases in the summer
Herbal Medicines Causing Kidney Failure, Bladder Cancer In India
Do I Need Multivitamin Tablets?

eMedi Humour

John age 92, and Rena age 89 got married and the following were the 15 wedding gifts they received.

1. A Pack of Viagra
2. Sorbitrate for heart pain
3. Pain killers
4. Memory pills
5. Vitamins
6. Statins for high cholesterol
7. Calcium tablets
8. Pneumonia vaccine
9. Flu vaccine
10. Dentures
11. Wheel chair
12. Walker
13. Diapers for urinary incontinence
14. Movicol for constipation
15. Dentures.

Ask Dr KK

Why curd is to be avoided in night?

It is not curd but one should not take any fermented food in the night as per Ayurveda practice. Fermented foods should not be combined with non–fermented foods in the night when the digestive fire is weak.. …More

HCFI Activities
  1. 19th March: Press Conference on CPR10 Utsav at Marwah Studio Noida
  2. 19th March: HCFI Executive Board Members Meeting
  3. 22nd March Symposium on Prayer, Faith, Meditation & Healing

IMA/DMA/DMC Meetings

17th March: An Interaction with Dr. S Padmavati

21st March: IMA with Doctor Member of Parliaments Dr. Mandal, Dr. Saha, Dr. Murmu


CPR VIP Sensitization

16th March: Dr Manoj Kumar

17th March: Delhi Cardiologists Promoting CPR10

20th March: Gopal Dikshit, IAS

20th March: Keshi Gambhir from Hamkhayal

20th March: Roshini Geeta Thakur from Hamkhayal

20th March: Sonia Gupta from Hamkhayal

20th March: Sweety form Hamkhayal

CPR Classes: persons trained (213 trained)

16th March: 17 Moolchand Hospital

17th March: 10 Moolchand Hospital

18th March: 10 Moolchand Hospital

19th March: 13 Moolchand Hospital

20th March: 10 Moolchand Hospital

21st March: 17 Moolchand Hospital

22nd March: 15 Moolchand Hospital

22nd March: 121 Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan

Total CPR since 1st November 2012 – 31322 trained

TV and Radio Coverage

  1. 18th March: Focus TV on Age for Sexual Consent
  2. 19th March: Live at Radio Noida FM107.4, Broadcast 8am on 20th March
  3. 20th March: China Central TV on Health Program

Video Chats and uploads

(Indian Medical Association) IMA

Dr. N. Appa Rao on Rebuilding Image of Medical Profession

Dr. K Vijaykumar on know your National President

Dr. Jayesh M. Lele on can Homeopathy Doctors Practice Allopathy

Dr A. Marthanda Pillai on Need for Speciality Chapter of IMA

Dr Anil Kumar Singh and Dr Mithleshwar Kumar on IMA AKN Sinha Institute Update

Dr Shivkumar S. Utture on MCI Reconstitution

Dr Ravi Wankhedkar & Dr E. Prabhawati on IMA AMS Update

Dr Praful R. Desai on Image of Medical Profession

Dr Kirti M. Patel & Dr Yogendra M Modi on IMA National Social Security Scheme

Dr Jitendra B. Patel on IMA Vision 2020

Dr Atul Arora on Why become Member of IMA

CPR 10

Curtain Raiser–CPR 10 UTSAV

HCFI Working group/Executive/Board Meetings

Minutes of meeting of HCFI Working group: 19th March 2013


  1. 17th March: Prayeer Meeting Mrs. Shakuntla Jain Mother of Mr. Sanjiv Jain

Social Interactions

  1. 17th March: Interviewing Delhi Cardiologists
  2. 17th March: Book Inaugural Function "Tanhai ke Kuch Lamhe" – An initiative of "Humkhayal – Heart Care Foundation of India"
  3. 21st March: Mr. N N Meena MOS Finance
Discounted and Free services (Total Worth Rs.91, 500) and Rs. 11,69,750/– since 2 March 2013
  1. Free Consultations:
    • Saturday, 16th March: 8 free consultations by Dr K K Aggaarwal (Worth Rs 16000)
    • Sunday, 17th March: 5 free consultations by Dr K K Aggarwal (Worth Rs. 10000)
    • Monday, 18th March: 2 free consultations by Dr K K Aggarwal (Worth Rs. 4000)
    • Tuesday, 19th March: 5 free consultations by Dr K K Aggarwal (Worth Rs. 10000)
    • Wednesday, 20th March: 14 free consultations by Dr K K Aggarwal (Worth Rs.28000)
    • Thursday, 21st March: 2 free consultations by Dr K K Aggarwal (Worth Rs. 4000)
    • Friday, 22nd March: 5 free consultations by Dr K K Aggarwal (Worth Rs. 10000)
    • Free ECG during the week 12 worth Rs. 1200
    • CPR taught during the week; 213 worth Rs. 21, 300
Donation Received

Dr K K Aggarwal Rs 11000/–
All Donations exempted under Section 80 G of IT Act (1961)

FCRA Reg No. 23165097

Advocacy through Print Media

16th March: Chai Nahi, Choclate Dil ke Liye Vadiya – Veer Arjun

17th March: Saib Khana Swasthya ke Laabhdayak: Aggarwal – Veer Arjun

17th March: Garbhvastha ke Doraan Saib Khaye – Saha Times

18th March: Dhumrapaan Chhodne Se Hriday Bimari Ka Khatra Nahi Badhta– Veer Arjun

18th March: Dhumrapaan Chhodne Ke Baad Yajan Badhne Se Hriday Khatra Nahi Badhta: KK– Saha Times

20th March: Dus Hazaar Paayenge CPR Ka Prasikshan – Dainik Jaagran

20th March: 10,000 Logo Ko Di Jaayegi CPR Training – Deshbandhu

20th March: CPR Se Bacha Sakte Hai Jaan – Hindustaan

20th March: Das Hazaar Log Lenge CPR Ki Training – Saha Times

20th March: Das Hazaar Logo Ko Di Jaayegi Ki CPR Ki Training – Veer Arjun

20th March: 10 Hazaar Logo Ko Di Jaayegi Ki CPR Ki Training – Viraat Bharat

21st March: Holi Ke Douraan Sharaab Se Kare Parhej – AAJ Samaj

21st March: Yu Saamna Kare Jab Aye Apat Isthiti – Hindustaan

21st March: Holi Ke Douraan Sharaab Se Kare Parhej – Saha Times

Media advocacy through Web Media

Avoid alcohol during holi celebrations 20th MARCH


10000 children, teacher and parents will be trained in CPR 10 19th MARCH


Weight gain after quitting smoking does not increase the risk of heart disease 18TH MARCH

Smoking cessation is always beneficial for smokers.

People gain 6–8 pounds of weight after quitting smoking


29% of all deaths in India are due to cardiovascular diseases and this number will increase to 35.91% by 2030
Only 25% people are aware of their high blood pressure


Apples during pregnancy and Asthma 17th March


Chocolate, not tea, good for the heart
Cocoa–rich products help lower high blood pressure
Chocolate – Healthy for Heart 16th March


Apples during pregnancy and Asthma 17th March


HCFI Tie Ups

Contact for discount slips hcfi.1986@gmail.com for the same (no registration charges).

Forthcoming activities:
  1. 29th March Heart Checkup Camp at Mohan Singh Place
  2. 31st March to 7th April: CPR10 Utsav
  3. 19th April–A mega multi specialty check up camp at Birla Mandir
  4. 29th September –Dil Ka Darbar at Talkatora Stadium
  5. 20th Perfect Health Mela from 18th Oct to 22nd Oct at different locations
  6. 20th Perfect Health Mela from 23rd Oct to 27th Oct at Constitution Club of India
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