Vol.1, issue 5, 16th March 2013

Why is age verification of an assaulted child important? (Dr K K Aggarwal)

  • Age estimation of trafficked victim is mandatory under Section 15(5A) of the ITPA.
  • Under the Juvenile Justice Act (JJA) if a trafficked victim is a child (below 18 years of age), then the child would be treated as a victim in need of care and protection and sent to a protective home. Thus, the future of the victim greatly depends upon a correct age determination test.


Spiritual Blog

You look people the similar way as you are

Honest people look everybody as honest and dishonest people look everybody as dishonest. It all depends on the type of people you interact with. If you do not take bribe, …More

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Why do people suffer?

Wellness Update

Triphala can help in reducing bronchial hyperreactivity

Triphala (TRP), a herbal extract, has been shown to affect lymphocytes and natural killer T (NKT) cell function. It has been shown to ameliorate bronchial hyperreactivity through immune–cell modulations. …More

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Diclofenac associated with increased risk of cardiovascular events
Defining Acute MI
Why is age verification of an assaulted child important?
Multivitamins and cancer
Hepatitis A, E and Typhoid are the hygiene markers of a city
Tdap and Flu Vaccinations during pregnancy

eMedi Humour

Car Breakdown

There are four engineers traveling in a car. One is a mechanical engineer, one a chemical engineer, one an electrical engineer and the other one an engineer from Microsoft.

The car breaks down.

"Sounds to me as if the pistons have seized. We’ll have to strip down the engine before we can get the car working again," says the mechanical engineer.

"Well," says the chemical engineer, "it sounded to me as if the fuel might be contaminated. I think we should clear out the fuel system."

"I thought it might be a grounding problem," says the electrical engineer, "or maybe a plug’s lead."

They all turn to the Microsoft engineer who has said nothing and say.

They ask him, "What do you think?"

"Well, I think we should close all the windows, get out, get back in, and open the windows again."

Ask Dr KK

Why it is said: Avoid adding sugar and milk to black tea

Black tea and coffee are the best. Also as per Ayurveda never add sugar taste to astringent and bitter taste. It will neutralize its benefits. Also do not add artificial sweeteners they will have the same effect.

HCFI Activities

IMA/DMA/DMC Meetings

10th March: DMC Annual Get togather

12th March: Dr K K Aggarwal on the dais At DMA Brain Awareness Week

12th March: Stroke awareness Week at DMA

15th March: DMA Delegation Met Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar

Continuing Medical and Public Education Programs

Daily 7 am at Moolchand Medcity

10th March: CME

14th March: Public Lecture at Moolchand Hospital


CPR VIP Sensitization

12th March: Amit Singla, Director, Delhi Govt.

13th March: Principal Spring Days School

15th March: Police Commissioner Mr Neeraj Kumar

CPR Classes: persons trained (682 trained)

9th March: All India Senior Citizens Forum at Montford School, Ashok Vihar–1, New Delhi, trained 125

9th March: 9 Moolchand Hospital

10th March: 20 Moolchand Hospital

11th March: 20 Moolchand Hospital

12th March: 20 Moolachand Hospital

13th March: 448 Spring Days School, Ashok Vihar

14th March: 15 Moolchand Hospital

15th March:25 Moolchand Hospital

Total CPR since 1st November 2012 – 31135 trained

TV and Radio Coverage

  1. 9th March to 14th March daily- Dr KK Aggarwal Live on Sadhna TV with Swami Hari Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Ji on Spirituality, 5:30 am to 6 am
  2. 10th March: New 24
  3. 15th March: 2 pm Sahara National and Sahara UP TV Live Show on Summer Disorders

Video Chats and uploads

Dr S. Arulrhaj on commonwealth Medical Association

Dr S. Arulrhaj on university of IMA

Dr S. Arulrhaj on How to strengthen IMA

Dr.Jayesh M. Lele On Medical Education for Homeopathy Doctors

Dr V C. Vilaidhan Pillai On Member of Indian Medical Association

Dr R V Asokan On Hospital Board of India

Dr Ashok S Adhav on Girl child

Dr Anil Pachnekar On Medical Education

Dr Anil Kumar Singh and Dr Mithleshwar Kumar on What’s new has come in AKN Sinha Institute last one year

Dr A. Marthanda Pillai On Membership of IMA.

HCFI Working group/Executive/Board Meetings

Minutes of meeting of HCFI working group: 12th March


  1. Dr Sadhna Sadhna Ji Maharaj my mentor attained nirvana on Thursday morning. Deep sad movement for me and my family. Need strength from you all to bear the loss.
  2. Saturday 9th March: Antim Yatra Dr Sadhna Ji Mahraj
  3. Sunday 10th March: Prayer meet Dr Sadhna Ji Mahraj
  4. Tuesday 12th Mother of our executive member Mr. Sanjiv Jain left us heavenly abode.

Social Interactions

  1. Tuesday 12th March: With Secretary Health Govt. of Delhi Mr. S C L Das
  2. Thursday, 14th March: Meeting with WHO
Awards and Laurels

Navin C. Nanda, M.D., professor of medicine and director of the echocardiography laboratories at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), has been named chairman of the Cardiology/Lipid Initiative Committee of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI). Nanda was president of AAPI for the 1989-1990 term.

Discounted and Free services (Total Worth Rs.122600) and Rs. 865850/– since 2 March 2013
  1. Free Consultations:
    • Saturday, 09nd March: 5 free consultations by Dr K K Aggaarwal (Worth Rs 10K)
    • Sunday, 10rd March: 2 free consultations by Dr K K Aggarwal (Worth Rs. 4K )
    • Monday, 11th March: 8 free consultation by Dr K K Aggarwal (Worth Rs. 16K )
    • Tuesday, 12th March: 10 free consultation by Dr K K Aggarwal (Worth Rs. 24)
    • Wednesday, 13th March: 15 free consultation by Dr K K Aggarwal (Worth Rs.30), 30 Consulta dr P garg ( worth 6K)
    • Thursday, 14th March: 9 free consultation by Dr K K Aggarwal (Worth Rs.18)
    • Friday, 15th March: 6 free consultation by Dr K K Aggarwal (Worth Rs. 12 k)
  2. Free ECGs during the week: 20 worth Rs. 2K
  3. Free ECHO services during the week 5 worth Rs 15K
  4. Free Lung Functions during the week: 10 worth Rs 1 K
  5. CPR taught during the week: 682 worth Rs. 68.2K
  6. Free path lab services during the week Rs 10.2K
Donation Received

Dr K K Aggarwal Rs 11000/–
All Donations exempted under Section 80 G of IT Act (1961)

FCRA Reg No. 23165097

Advocacy through Print Media

9th : Mahila Diwas Per Kai Karyakram – Panjab Kesri

9th: Garbhwati Mahilao Ke Liye H1N1 Flu Ka Tika Surakshit – Loksatya

10th: Cancer Aur Dil Ki Bimari Ka Hai Gehra Sambandh – Loksatya

11th: Kidney Rog Se Bachne Ke Liye Karei Upay – Aaj Samaj

11th: Chickenpox Se Bachne Ke Liye Anti Retroviral Therapy Ka Prayog Zaruri – Loksatya

12th: Chickenpox Se Bachav Ke Liye AR Therapy Zaruri – Virat Vaibhav

12th: Hepatitis A,E aur Typhoid Shehar Ki Safaai Ke Suchak – Veer Arjun

14th: Hirdya Rog Me Angioplasti Hai Faaydemand – Loksatya

14th: Kai Kintu, Parantu: Doctri Ray – National Duniya

15th: Kam Namak Say Talla Ha Bimari – Veer Arjun

15th: Dil Ka Roge Ke Liye Kargar Ha Aspirin – Veer Arjun

15th: Gulansheel Aspirin Aur Clot Dissolving Drug Se Heart Atack per Roak Sumbhav – Loksatya

15th: NIshkriya Dhumrpan Say Dimonshia Sumbhav – Focus Delhi

15th: Aspirin Aur Parasitamool Eak Sath Leena Khatranak – Focus Delhi

Media advocacy through Web Media

Aggressive Drug Therapy Is Just As Good As Angioplasty for Patients Drugs as Good as Angioplasty for Stable Heart Disease 14th March


Restricting salt in diet can lower heart disease risk 13 March


Hepatitis A, E and Typhoid are the hygiene markers of a city 12th March


Chickenpox: anti viral drugs can prevent complications 11TH MARCH


Cancer and heart disease linked 9th March


Ten ways to ease neck pain 9TH MARCH


HCFI Tie Ups

Contact for discount slips hcfi.1986@gmail.com for the same (no registration charges).

Forthcoming activities:
  1. 22nd March: Conference on prayer and healing with Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan on 22nd march
  2. 31st March to 7th April: CPR Utsav -
  3. 19th April-A mega multi specialty check up camp at Birla Mandir
  4. 29th September -Dil Ka Darbar at Talkatora Stadium
  5. 20th Perfect Health Mela: 18th - 22nd Oct at different locations
  6. 20th Perfect Health Mela: 23rd to 27th Oct at Constitution Club of India
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