Vol.1, issue 15, 24th May 2013

Preventing heat disorders (Dr K K Aggarwal)

During summer, susceptible children and adolescents can develop heat stroke, which can even lead to death if not identified and treated in time.

  • The heat index is more important than the atmospheric temperature. A 42 degree temperature may feel like 46 degree if the heat index is high.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sun when the temperature is high. Use an umbrella if you need to go out.
  • Wear light cotton clothes to avoid heat absorption.


Spiritual Blog

2% versus 10% sugar

White sugar is a slow poison. In our ancient Indian era, people used to consume either sugarcane juice, jagry or brown sugar (khand). There is no mention of use of refined white sugar. White sugar has high glucose index and is slow poison as over a period of time, it is responsible for high levels of insulin in the blood and subsequently, insulin resistance. …More

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Wellness Update

How to make bones strong

Bones are empty and in a typically adult male, the whole skeleton weighs less than 3 kg. Everyone builds bone up to the age of 30, and then, the process of bone resorption begins. It is, therefore, important for children to build strong bones so that they are not susceptible to fractures when they grow old. Here are some tips: …More

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eMedi Humour

Priceless definitions

Dust: Mud with the juice squeezed out.

Ask Dr KK

How often to repeat BMD test for osteoporosis?

  • Assessment of fracture risk in all adults is important.
  • BMD-independent risk factors are advanced age, previous fragility fracture, glucocorticoids, risk of falls, smoking, alcohol, and family history of fracture.
  • Screen with BMD in all women 65 years of age and older
  • Screen with BMD in postmenopausal women less than 65 years if one of the above risk factors is present
  • Do not perform
  • routine BMD measurements in premenopausal women
  • Do not perform routine BMD measurements in all men.


HCFI Activities
  1. 22nd May: HCFI Executive Meeting


Workshop on How to be Happy and Healthy

CPR 10 Camp - Bahadur Garh, 9th May 2013

CPR 10 Camp - Bal Bharti Public School, Dwarka, 30th April 2013

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13th May: Sunday Class with Student


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Total CPR since 1st November 2012 – 50457 trained

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Zero Hour: Dr KK Aggarwal talks about correct CPR practices

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Cardiac Surgery

Dr Rakesh Yadav on How to Choose a stent

Mitral Surgery

Dr Kewal C Goswami on Mitral Surgery Update


Dr Sanjay Tyagi on Hyptetension Update


Sh. Prem Bhatia on Singing and Medical Profession

CPR 10

one more life saved

Prem Bhatia Endorses CPR 10

Padma Awardee Forum

Dr Ganesh Mani and Manju Mani Giving a Performance in Padma Awardees Meet

Dr JM Hans Giving a Performance in Padma Awardees Meet

Dr Raman Kapoor Giving a Performance in Padma Awardees Meet

Dr Yash Gulati Giving a Performance in Padma Awardees Meet

Dr Ashok Seth Giving a Performance in Padma Awardees Meet

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18th May: Padma Meet

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20th May: Saha Times

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Smoker Diabetics more likely to have Severe Hypoglycemia 24th may


Two or more drugs may interact with each other 22nd may


Five a day 21st may


Women who eat lot of meat prone to weight gain 20th May


Excess Fat around the Waist May Increase Death Risk for Women 19th may


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